WE ARE the venture capital fund of the social innovation sector.

Our purpose is to find and back innovative solutions to critical social issues in Ireland. We work to build the Ireland we all want to live and work in. We support innovations that enable healthy, resilient communities, and tackle issues like educational disadvantage and exclusion.

We do this in partnership with others. With social enterprises, charities, non-profits, and voluntary organisations – they develop the innovative solutions. With private companies and charitable trusts – they co-fund the ideas. We match their funds.

We back social innovators to sustain them, scale them and maximise their impact.

We were created by the Irish Government in 2013. Every Euro that is donated in private philanthropy is matched by a Euro from the Department of Rural Affairs and Community Development.

Our mission is to provide growth capital and supports to the best social innovations in Ireland, enabling them to scale and maximize their impact.

Our vision is to create the world’s best ecosystem for supporting social innovation.