Our purpose is to find and back innovative solutions to critical social issues in Ireland. We were created by Government to fill the gap on funding innovation in the non-profit sector. Just as innovation is important to economic growth, we believe that innovation is crucial to solving Ireland’s social problems. 

Ireland has plenty of innovation, but we fail to spot it, back it, and spread it. Our purpose is to support the best non-profits, charities and social enterprises in Ireland so that they can grow and reach more people who will benefit from their crucial work. 

Our Team

Absent: Jessica Curtis & Padraic Vallely

Every Euro we raise is matched by a Euro from Government from the Department of Rural and Community Development via the Dormant Accounts Fund. Since our first year of operations in 2015, we’ve partnered with companies such as Google, Medtronic, Mason Hayes & Curran and IPB Insurance, as well as SME’s, trusts, families and individuals. Through the support of our partners, we’ve created 21 funds to date, which address social issues relating to Tech For Good, Community Resilience, Social Enterprise Development, Education, Health, Mental Health and more. These funds have collectively provided grants and business supports to 86 social innovations in Ireland.

Our Board

Absent: Ailbhe Keane, Dalton Philips & John Higgins

In 2013, the Government set a target for Social Innovation Fund Ireland to raise over €5 million in philanthropic funding. We’re delighted to have exceeded that target, by raising over €6 million.And we’re just getting started. The Programme for Government has committed to increasing the scale of SIFI matched funding to €50 million, creating a potential €100 million fund for social innovation. This has the potential to be transformative for Ireland. 


Our mission is to provide growth capital and supports to the best social innovations in Ireland, enabling them to scale and maximize their impact.

Our vision 

Our vision is to create the world’s best eco-system for social innovation in Ireland. 

Our values

  • We work with our hearts and our heads – we value compassion, passion and fun.
  • We take smart risks and we allow permission to fail because we know that innovation and risk are two sides of the same coin.
  • We believe that social change is a team sport – we use influence and engagement to build trusted relationships, and we choose to collaborate to achieve our goals.
  • We demonstrate curiosity and a hunger to learn.
  • We value bold ideas, and bold leadership, and we develop remarkable people.