Save a Selfie

A Lifesaver

SIF-save a selfie from Dominik Kosicki on Vimeo.

What’s the problem we are trying to solve?

Did you know that you typically walk past about 15 devices lifesaving devices every day? But would you know where to find one when a life depends on it? There are 8,000 – 10,000 defribrillators in Ireland, but no way of knowing where the nearest one is when you need it.

As a member of the Dublin Fire Brigade and paramedic, as well as a volunteer with the Order of Malta, Seán understands this problem only too well.

What’s the solution?

Seán has developed Save a Selfie, using technology to create a solution that can save lives.

Save a Selfie is an interactive mobile app that allows members of the public to take “selfie’s” alongside emergency equipment. These images are uploaded to the platform and its location is tagged on a map, making critical lifesaving devices easy to find for both the public and the emergency services. The locations of devices can also be shared on social media in order to help raise awareness of their location in local communities.

 What impact can Save a Selfie make?

Fortunately defibrillators, life rings and first aid kits are commonplace in Ireland. Save a Selfie is a radical innovation that gives access to critical lifesaving equipment to ordinary people, with the potential to save lives all around the country.

Save a Selfie is in beta testing now in both Android and IoS platforms, and Animate can help get Save a Selfie to launch and populating it with data through a €5,000 grant plus a mentor with a track record of bringing apps to launch and to market.