A Tech Start-Up with a Difference

SIF-thriftify from Dominik Kosicki on Vimeo.

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What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Charity shops garner tremendous community support through volunteers and donated stock, but much of that stock is not sold and has to be dumped or recycled. For example, 60 million books are donated to charity shops every year in Ireland and UK, however many are never sold and end up being shredded. It is understandable that a book being marketed to only those who walk in to a charity shop may not generate the same value if if was marketed globally online.

What is the solution?

Thriftify is a web-based platform that helps charities realise the true value of unsold donated stock, starting with books.

The software makes it simple for volunteers working in charity shops to decide whether the book should be shredded or sold. They can simply scan the barcode and the software instantaneously values the book and, if profitable, uploads the book for sale online.

Currently charity shops sell tons of books as recycling. Using Thriftify, charities can earn up to 74 times the value of these shredded books. Thriftify has the ability to drastically increase the revenues of charity shops.

What impact can Thriftify have?

Thriftify expects to empower charity shops in Ireland and the UK by dramatically increasing their revenues, while also diverting unsold stock from landfill or recycling.