Message from Deirdre Mortell, CEO


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We are thrilled to mark the commencement of Social Innovation Fund Ireland’s activities in 2015. We have a big challenge – to raise matching funding of €5 million from private philanthropy in order to create a growth capital fund of at least €10 million within 3 years. But that’s not all.

We want to find and back Ireland’s best solutions to our critical social issues – wherever they may be hiding – maybe even in plain sight?

We look forward to getting to know projects and organisations the length and breadth of Ireland who are inventing solutions to their local issues, and considering spreading them further. Perhaps you are a social enterprise, or a programme developed by a community organisation or a voluntary group? This website gives guidance on what we are looking for and our selection criteria.

Our first call for applications under the Animate Programme is now closed and we will announce four Awardees in January 2016.

If you think you might fit, please get in touch. If you want to support us, please get in touch too. Let the collaborations begin.

Warmest wishes,