The THINKTECH Programme


Created by Social Innovation Fund Ireland with support from and the Irish Government, THINKTECH is a €1 million Tech for Good fund looking to find and back tech based solutions to Ireland’s critical social issues. Launched by Minister Simon Coveney T.D. on June 21st, 69 applications were received and put through a rigorous selection process including a world class technology advisory group and interview panels. On Wednesday December 7th, Minister Coveney T.D. was again on hand to announce the 4 chosen Awardees. Watch the videos below to learn more about the Awardees and the wonderful Awards Night at Google Foundry.


Our THINKTECH Showcase took place on Thursday June 8th at DogPatchLabs. Here our amazing Awardees shared the journey they’ve been on over the last 6 months, the technology they’ve built, their growth strategy for scale and how they aim to maximise the impact of their innovative solution.

THINKTECH Accelerator


The Accelerator commenced at the beginning of January in the wonderful offices of Broadlake. The Awardees started with open minds and a commitment to thinking differently about how they could achieve their vision for scale. Across 5 Group Days a number of industry speakers and workshop facilitators supported the Awardees to work on their technology, operations, impact, and their story. 

Concurrently, the Awardees underwent a Google Supports programme. Each Awardee first attended a Creative Skills for Innovation workshop that encouraged them to some 10x thinking. Google Ambassadors then worked with the Awardees on 3 goals that brought them closer to achieving their big vision.

THINKTECH Journey & Awards Night

Watch the amazing journey towards the selection of our 4 THINKTECH Winners announced on Wednesday December 7th 2016 by Minister Simon Coveney T.D. Read and watch below for more about their highly innovative solutions to the critical social issues facing Ireland today!



THINKTECH Winners Announced

Early Stage Award: Space Engagers

Ireland is currently experiencing the worst housing crisis in years. Space Engagers tackles homelessness by engaging citizens to map vacant urban spaces in their communities. The THINKTECH award will enable it to develop the technology to an app which can be used on smartphone or tablet, enabling citizens to walk around their community, capturing local information on vacancy and uploading it instantly.

Click here for a video on how Space Engagers works

Main Award: iScoil

Early school leaving is a hidden social issue in Irish society. Every year 3,300 students between the ages of 12-16 years old leave the formal school system. That’s 9 young people every day of the year.
iScoil helps early school leavers age 12-16 to get an education through an online & personalised learning programme. With the THINKTECH Award iScoil will invest in developing a Growth Plan to allow it to scale across Ireland.

Click here for a video on how iScoil works

Main Award: FoodCloud Hubs

It's hard to imagine that 1 in 8 people in Ireland experience food poverty. The problem not only lies with access to food, but access to healthy, nutritional food.
FoodCloud Hubs uses technology to rescue food from businesses and distribute it to charities across Ireland. The Award will enable Foodcloud Hubs to replicate the technology currently used by retailers for use with the much larger amounts of food waste generated in warehouses - generating 16 times more meals for people who need them.

Click here for a video on how FoodCloud Hubs works

Main Award: The ALONE Platform

If there is one certainty in today’s changing world, it is that most of us will grow old. As we all live longer, ageing and loneliness is becoming an increasingly critical social issue in Irish society.
The ALONE platform combines apps, home sensors, and volunteer services that offer a cost effective solution to ageing independently at home, whilst also helping to tackle loneliness.
The THINKTECH award will enable The Alone Platform to scale across Ireland supporting older people to age independently and feel connected.

Click here for a video explaining the innovative ALONE Platform

THINKTECH Interview Panel

THINKTECH has attracted an Interview Panel of the highest calibre, whose role it is to ask the tough questions of our chosen Finalists. 

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THINKTECH brings together a world class Technology Advisory Group, whose role is to provide expert advice and review on the technology aspects of the top 25 THINKTECH applications. 

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