Social Innovation Fund is included in the Programme for Government as Animate closes with a Showcase & Pitching event


Animate, Social Innovation Fund Ireland’s first programme, and Ireland’s first Non Profit Accelerator concluded with a Showcase & Pitching event on 18th May 2016 at The Irish Architectural Archive on Merrion Square in Dublin. The event was co-hosted by Philanthropy Ireland and Social Innovation Fund Ireland.

Having participated in a four month long programme from January to April 2016, the four Animate Award winning projects, pitched to a small invited audience in Dublin. Each project specifically described what they need to take their projects to the next stage.

For each project, that vision is different. 


Recreate has identified how to grow its model from a single Warehouse of Wonders on the M50 to enable it to promote creativity through re-use all around Ireland, through an extensive growth planning process. Recreate sought a new van to collect the unused materials it re-uses, with over 150,000 km on the clock, at a cost of €25,000. Watch the Recreate pitch here.

Thriftify described how its v1 software is now fully tested and moving to version 2 requires its next stage software development. Testing version 1 through Animate has established that the profit per donated book for a charity shop can grow by an average of €6 per book. Taking the software to the next stage will enable it to be scalable to larger charity hsop chains enabling it to enter the UK market as well. Thriftify requires €80,000 to do this and pay for flights to UK to begin sales and customer building. 

Carebright outlined how it has not signed a contract with HSE for funding, and has secured a loan from Clann Credo, it is ready to proceed to start building its Community Village, Ireland’s first dementia friendly housing model specially designed for a rural community. Having raised €3.5 million, they have just € 1 million left to raise, in order to secure the landscaped the gardens, farm, and sensory garden, plus other requirements, as they reminded us yet again, that the Community Village is a home not a nursing home. 

Save a Selfie has completed version 1 of its app, which is now available on IOS and Android phones, and has commenced a campaign with Order of Malta and other volunteers to upload selfies with defibrillators and other life-saving devices such as life rings. Save a Selfie seeks €20,000 to tale the app to the next stage, enabling all life saving devices that have been uploaded to be tagged with smart tags, enabling local volunteers to carry out regular checks that they are still in place and in working order. This will change Save a Selfie from an educational app to a lifesaving app.

Bernard Kirk of Philanthropy Ireland invited the audience to consider how they could help, and pledge their support – a donation? Pro bono services? A meeting?

What does it take for these early stage projects to be positioned for the next stage?

In our view, I takes 3 things, and we designed Animate to deliver these –

  1. A clear plan and priorities for the next stage
  2. A clear funding requirement
  3. Stronger networks – access to funding & other networks.

The room responded with tremendous energy, funds, meetings and pro bono services were all pledged.

Inspiring pitches were the order of the day as one guest noted, “All the presentations were great but I nearly gave Sean my credit card.”

Social Innovation Fund Ireland is delighted to be included in the Programme for Government, which pledges scaling up the Fund from €5 million to €50 million during the lifetime of this Government.

We look forward to the next challenge, and to taking social innovations to the next stage of scale.

* you can watch each projects individual pitch at our Youtube Channel: