At Social Innovation Fund Ireland, we believe that social innovation is any innovative solution to a critical social issue with demonstrable effectiveness. There are many definitions for social innovation, and we agree with them all. The issue is not definition, it is action.

We believe that communities around Ireland are innovating by inventing and developing solutions to critical social issues every day. However, there is a real need to foster and invest in these solutions to allow them to grow and spread throughout the country. Rather than waiting for every community to re-invent the wheel, we believe in acting now to find and back the best solutions to spread and scale.

In Ireland, social innovation is substantially underdeveloped relative to our usual comparators such as Scotland and England, but even compared to countries like Portugal. We are now, in partnership with companies, universities, Government, and social innovators building momentum. Our team brings Irish and international expertise, and in 2015-17 we have achieved proof of concept for our model. We are now setting out to grow and scale and to firmly place Ireland in a leadership position in Europe over the next five years.